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Pump No. Apllication Komatsu Machine
07435-67101 Hoist Pump HD200-2
07430-67101 Steering Pump HD200-2
705-52-22000 Hoist/Steering Pump HD205-3
705-12-34210 Hoist Pump HD205-3
705-12-34530 Steering Pump HD205-3
705-12-36010 Brake Cooling Pump HD205-3
705-11-36010 Transmission Pump HD205-3
705-12-36010 Steering Pump HD325-3
705-52-30040 Brake/Trans Cooling Pump HD320-3/HD325-3-5
705-12-36210 Brake Cooling Pump HD320-3/HD325-3-5
705-12-36530 Transmission Pump HD320-3/HD325-3-5
705-22-38050 Transmission Pump HD325-6/D85PX-15
705-52-30051 Hoist/Steering Pump HD325-3-5-6
705-12-36211 Hoist Pump HD325-6
705-14-34531 Steering Pump HD325-6
705-52-30290 Brake/Trans Cooling Pump HD325-6/HD405-6/HD255-5
705-22-36080 Brake Cooling Pump HD325-6
705-22-36090 Transmission Pump HD325-6
07441-67502 Transmission Pump HD460-1
07443-66503 Hoist/Steering Pump HD460-1
705-52-32000 Hoist/Steering/Brake Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-12-38210 Hoist/Steering Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-14-38530 Brake Cooling Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-12-40010 Transmission Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-52-32001 Hoist/Steering/Brake Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-12-38211 Hoist/Steering Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-14-38531 Brake Cooling Pump HD465-2-3-5/HD605-5
705-52-31010 Transmission /Brake Pump HD465-5-7/HD605-5-7
705-22-40030 Transmission Pump HD465-5-7/HD605-7
705-22-40040 Brake Pump HD465-5-7/HD605-7
705-56-34630 Hoist/Steering Pump HD465-7/HD605-7
705-12-38211 Hoist Pump HD465-7/HD605-7
705-34-38340 Steering Pump HD465-7/HD605-7
705-22-19040 Hydraulic Pump HD465-7/HD605-7
705-52-31170 Transmission Pump
07443-67803 Transmission Pump HD680-2
07443-67101 Transmission Pump HD680-2/HD780-1
07448-67107 Hoist/Steering Pump HD680-2/HD780-1
07448-66700 Hoist/Steering Pump HD680-2
07443-67101 Transmission Pump HD785-1
07400-10600 Hoist/Steering Pump HD785-1/D155S-1
07445-66300 Steering Pump HD785-1
07445-66400 Hoist Pump HD785-1
07400-11300 retarder Pump HD785-1
07449-66500 retarder Pump HD785-1
07449-66600 retarder Pump HD785-1
705-12-44010 Transmission Pump HD785-2
705-51-42010 Hoist/Steering/Brake Pump HD785-2
705-11-43210 Hydraulic Pump HD785-2
705-11-43530 Hydraulic Pump HD785-2
705-22-44020 Transmission Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-52-42100 Hoist/Steering Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-12-45240 Hoist Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-12-45540 Steering Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-52-42090 Brake Cooling Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-12-49240 Brake Cooling Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
705-12-49540 Brake Cooling Pump HD785-3-5/HD985-3-5
Category   Gear Pump Series
Material   Iron Casting/Aluminum Alloy
  1. More than 30 years of experience on Komatsu gear pump design and research.
  2. Professional specialized in hydraulic pump components for construction Vehicles.
  1. Shaft sleeves are imported from DAIDO Japan.
  2. Oil sealing is made by NOK Japan.
Guarantee  12 Months.
Sample Order  1 Pieces
Delivery Time  3~20 Working Days
Packing  Carton box inside, wood box outside.
  1.  For stock, and quantity is less than 5 pieces, Express delivery method.
  2.  For manufacturing products, quantity is more than 5 pieces, cargo forwarder delivery method.
  3.  Any Client’s guessgestions, Be considered firstly.
Hydraulic Oil First
  1.  Please Refill clear HYD Oil into the pump before installing. The clear hydraulic oil must be necessary.
  2.  Bad ones will damage the pump and affect working efficiency when the old pump and new pump work together.